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Demolition in Salisbury

Time and time again, we see Salisbury residents make the same mistake. Home and business owners alike are convinced that they can save themselves tons of money whenever they take the demolition phase of their next home renovation project into their own hands. But how much money are you really saving if you get hurt doing demo work? Accidents happen, especially when you are knocking down a structure. The money you saved by not hiring a demolition professional could quickly disappear once your hospital bill arrives and you’re losing income while laid up in recovery.

Aside from hurting yourself, doing demolition work yourself can delay your project if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s also a good way to alienate any contractor you have coming to put the finishing touches on your remodel. Plus, contracting companies who do things by the book are all insured for liability. So, if a water pipe is struck accidentally when a piece of drywall is being knocked down and it starts filling your basement, it’s entirely covered by the contractor who has liability insurance. Otherwise, we hope you are up to fighting tooth and nail with your home insurance provider to get covered for the expensive damages you are about to face. And what do you do if you discover asbestos in the walls? Those procedures are a big deal and you could end up putting your health at serious risk.

Capital Contracting LLC is a contracting company located in the Salisbury area specializing in all things demolition. We continue to encounter home and business owners who have tried to do what we do with little success because there is a method to demolition. Not to mention, there are rules and regulations. Demolition is not something the average person can do correctly, so rather than stumble around in the dark trying to do it yourself, call (410) 422-0876 and we’ll be happy to carry out all the demolition you need at an affordable rate with courteous, friendly, fully licensed and insured contractors that more Salisbury residents choose for their renovation projects than any other.

Emergency Demolition

It doesn’t happen often but when a structure has been declared a hazard, it needs to go ASAP. To ensure the safety of all Salisbury residents, Capital Contracting LLC is proud to offer emergency demolition services. Shortly after we take your emergency call, we’ll dispatch a qualified team equipped with all the necessary tools and materials to complete the job quickly and safely.

Commercial and Residential Demolition

No matter the size of your structure or the scope of your project, we can help. From residential houses to factories or industrial plants, there is no project Capital Contracting LLC can’t handle. Our versatility and ability to handle any size job while protecting clients under comprehensive insurance plans is why it’s just good sense to get the professionals on the case.

For a free quote on your upcoming demolition project, be it commercial or residential, call (410) 422-0876 to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives today.